Previous Shows

  • February 7th  Sage (Chesterton)  8:30-11:30pm
  • Feb. 15th  Gino's (Merrillville)  7:30-10:30pm
  • Feb. 22nd Cabin Fever Portage Township School Athletic Fundraiser
  • Feb. 28th Clancy's Public House (Portage)  9pm-12am
  • March 8th  Martini's (Valpo) 9pm-12am
  • March 13th  Portage Township Education Foundation Wine Tasting
  • March 15th  Gino's (Dyer)  7:30-10:30pm
  • March 21st Clancy's Public House (Portage) 9pm-12am
  • March 28th Sage (Chesterton) 8:20-11:30pm
  • April 11th  Sage in Chesterton  8:30-11pm
    April 11th 
     Sage in Chesterton  8:30-11pm
  • April 19th  Galactic Greg's Vinyl Release in Valpo 12pm-4pm
    April 25th
     Clancy's 9-12am
  • May 2nd Gino's (Dyer)  7:30-10:30pm
  • May 3rd Gino's (Merrillville) 7:30-10:30pm
  • May 16th Sage in Chesterton 8:30pm-11pm
    May 23rd Clancy's 9-12am
  • June 5th (Thursday) Hobart Summer Market Festival 4pm-7pm
    ​June 6th 
    Clancy's in Portage 9pm-12am
  • June 13th Sage 8:30-11pmJune 28th Martini's in Valpo 9-12am
  • July 10th Nativity Festival in Portage (Thursday) playing 6:30pm-8:30pm   ​(Special Guest-Paige Collins)
    July 18th  Rosati's in Schererville 7pm-10pmer
    July 23rd Gamba's (Lady's Night) 6:30-8:30pm
    July 24th Gamba's 6:30-8:30
  • July 25th  Clancy's 9-12am

    August 1st Sage 8:30-11pm​
    August 7th Gamba's 6:30-8:30pm
    ​August 8th True BBQ Whiskey Bar 8:30-11:30pm
    ​August 15th  Clancy's 9-12am
    August 21st Gamba's 6:30-8:30pm
  • August 23rd  Martini'sValpo 9-12am
    August 30th  Lake Station Festival 1pm-3pm (Location= Downtown Lake Station baby!)

    ​August 31st Sunday Lake Station Festival 12pm-3pm

    September 5th Gino's (Dyer) 7:30-10:30pm
    September 6th Clancy's 9-12am
    Sept 12th True BBQ Whiskey Bar 8:30-11:30pm (Playing outside, weather permitting)
    September 19th  Rosati's Pizzeria in Schererville 7pm-10pm
    ​September 24th Bullpen from 8-11pm

    Sept 25th Gamba's 6:30-8:30pm

    Sept 26th Sage 8:30-11pm
    October 8th
     Bullpen from 8-11pm

    Oct 9th Gamba's 6:30-8:30pm

    October 10th Sage 8:30pm-11pm

    October 17th Clancy's 9-12am​

    October 31st Bullpen in Schererville from 9pm-12am
    November 1st
    The Valparaiso Schools Foundation's Wine Tasting & Silent Auction Event from 6-9:30pm

    ​November 5th Bullpen from 8-11pm

    Nov.6th Gamba's 6:30-8:30pm
    November 7thSilver Spoonin Valpo from 9pm-12am
    November 8th  Martini's  9-12am
    November 14th (Gino's) 7:30-10:30pm

    Nov. 20th Gamba's 6:30-8:30pm

    November 21st Sage 8:30pm-11pm

    November 26th Clancy's  9pm-1am (BLACK THURSDAY-night before Thanksgiving)
    Dec. 4th Gamba's 6:30-8:30
    ​December 13th Martini's 9-12am
    December 31st New Year's Eve Event @ Gamba's in Merrillville Time
    January 2nd- Rosati's Pizzeria Schererville from 6pm-9pm

    January 8th Gamba's 7-9pm

    ​January 10th (Wedding) Merrillville- Avalon Manor-Singing 4-?

    January 15th- FifthThird Bank Private Party from 4-6pm @the Talltree Arboretum and Gardens in Valpo
    ​January 22nd- Gamba's 7-9pm
    January 23rd- Bullpen Schererville from 9pm-12am
    January 31st- Martini's Valpo 9pm-12am
    ​February 5th- Gamba's 7-9pm

    February 6th- Rosati's Pizzeria 6pm-9pm
    February 13th- Private party from  6-9pm @ Parea in Valpo
    ​February 19th- Gamba's 7-9pm
    February 28th- Cabin Fever-Special Event-Portage Township School's Athletic's Fundraiser @ Woodland Park Community Center Banquet Hall from 7pm-11pm
    March 13th- Silver Spoon 9pm-12am
    March 14th- Martini's 9pm-12am
    March 20th- Bullpen 9pm-12am
    ​March 21st- DJ and Live music for Wedding @ Blue Chip Casino 5-12am

    April 24th- Bullpen 9pm-12am
    ​April 25th- Martini's 9pm-12am

    May 1st- Rosati's Pizzeria 6pm-9pm

    ​May 2nd-  Metropolis Ballroom -Arlington Heights, IL
    ​May 5th (Cinco De Mayo)- The Mill in Burns Harbor 7pm- 10pm
    May 10th- GracePoint- 9am and 11am Services
    ​May 10th- Private Party @ The Shorewood Clubhouse in Valparaiso1:30pm-3:30pm
    May 22nd- Bullpen 9pm-12am
    May 23rd- Swan Lake Resort- Plymouth, IN ​
    May 30th- County Line Orchard-Hobart, IN
    June 5th- Rosati's Pizzeria 6pm-9pm
    June 6th- True BBQ Whiskey Bar and Grill 8pm-11pm
    June 12th- Shadowland Ballroom- St. Joseph, MI
    ​June 13th- Woodland Park- Portage, IN
    June 19th- Bullpen 9pm-12am
    June 27th- The Red Barn Experience- La Porte, IN
    July 2nd- Private Party Live Music- Portage Marina 8pm-11pm
    July 3rd- Rosati's Pizzeria 6pm-9pm ​
    July 4th- County Line Orchard- Hobart, IN July 11th- Blue Chip Casino- Michigan City, IN
    July 17th- Bullpen 9pm- 12am
    July 18th- The Ambassador- Hobart, IN
    July 24th- True BBQ Whiskey Bar and Grill 8pm-11pm
    June 26th- Break the Hunger (Fundraiser)- Central Park Plaza Downtown Valpo at the Amphitheater- 7-10
    August 1st- The Homestead- New Carlisle, IN August 7th- True BBQ Whiskey Bar and Grill 8pm-11pm
    ​​August 8th- The Allure- La Porte, IN

    ​August 14th- Bullpen 9pm-12am
    August 22nd- Duneland Falls- Portage, IN
    August 28th- Rosati's Pizzeria 6pm-9pm ​
    August 29th- Gamba Ristorante- Merrillville, IN ​
    September 5th- Strongbow's- Valparaiso, IN
    September 12th- Strongbow's- Valparaiso, IN
    ​September 18th- Rosati's Pizzeria 6pm-9pm
    ​September 26th- Radisson- Merrillville, IN​
    November 7th- Ambassador Banquet's - Hobart, IN
    ​November 14th- County Line Orchard- Hobart, IN

    1/6  Radius, Valpo 7-10pm

    1/20 The Allure on the Lake, Chesterton

    2/3 Radius, Valpo

    2/24 The Allure, LaPorte

    3/10 Trinity Hall, Chesterton

Dan Reisen