Dan Reisen

Whether it be a community outdoor festival, private business event, wedding ceremony or downtown restaurant patio, Reisen holds each "gig" in highest regard. Dan Reisen has developed a buzz in the dining district of Porter County and is expanding to the Lake County area currently. His goals are to continue to expand his market area and reach new audiences along the way. Music is not just another job for Reisen, it is his passion.  

A little about Dan...


Dan Reisen is a local acoustic and vocal artist from Valparaiso, Indiana. Focusing on genres such as classic rock/easy listening, blues and indie folk, Reisen has advanced his music career over the past 5 years exponentially. Playing all over Northwest Indiana, parts of Michigan and reaching into Illinois, Dan Reisen has made his mark as a local musician and is passionate about performing.
Dan is also a worship leader at his home church, Gracepoint, and can be found leading the church with the GP band on Sunday mornings. Full time he is a fourth grade teacher and has been married for two years. Some of Dan's musical influences include Jason Mraz, Ed Cash, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, Mariah Carey, Bruno Marz, and many more. He looks forward to what God has in store for his musical journey and is looking forward to a CD release in the near future.


Rated one of the top musical performers in Valparaiso, Indiana


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